About Us


Our vision is to assemble a proven, innovative, financially viable team using the finest mix of talent with the best value to support our customer's aspirations to improve the status quo. Our value proposition includes:

  • Resources - Provide a unique team of experts to revolutionize the NSA industrial base approach to recruiting using best practices for professional personnel staffing processes
  • Cost-Effective Business Practices - Institutionalize large business proven quality practices at a fraction of the cost through our AIA Tiger Team
  • Cost Containment - Arrest salary inflation within the cleared/badged community by infusing high potential, less experienced personnel to replace an aging senior acquisition contractor workforce
  • Contract Agility - Replicate deep-pocket (large business) financial resources through a force multiplying association of small businesses to handle continuing resolutions, sequestration events, and other funding/payment delays without bankrupting the team
  • Financial Stability - Our AIA JV line of credit exceeds that of many large businesses