Help for First-Time Users

This Online Security Guide provides convenient access to a wide range of security, counterintelligence, technical vulnerability, and employee assistance information. It is all quickly accessible by clicking with the left mouse button on the appropriate underlined text on the Home page. To sample the information available in this program, check out the Know-It-All's Security Quiz.

You may use this program like a reference manual, looking up specific subjects of interest. Or you may read through parts of it like a book to increase your overall understanding of security and counterintelligence issues. If you are reading large sections of the program, you may find it easier to print out these sections and read the hard copy.

For help in learning how to use this program, see the relevant section below.

Computer Requirements and Settings

This program can be viewed with any commonly available browser and computer with a standard screen size..

Browser Adjustments: We have tried to set the size of the type for easy reading online. You can change the size of type with adjustments available in the View menu of your browser. The size of type you see on the screen also depends on the screen resolution setting in your computer's control panel.

Navigational Tools

Links on the home page lead to all major modules of this program. Click through the appropriate module to reach the desired topic. Alternatively, click on the Complete List of Contents on the Home page. This has links to all the substantive files in this program.

Navigational Buttons: Navigational buttons for returning to Home or moving directly to a different major module are located at the bottom of each page. A single click with the left mouse button on the appropriate navigational button takes the user to the specified location. To move quickly to the navigation buttons at the bottom of a lengthy page, press and hold the Page Down key on the keyboard.  This is usually faster than using the scroll bar.

Copy and Paste

To select and copy text, hold down the left mouse button and drag the cursor across the desired text. Then click on copy in the browser Edit menu. The text may then be pasted into any word processing program.


There is no way to print the entire program at once. Each topic (file) must be printed individually. To check what will appear in a printout use the scroll bar. Any part of the document that you can scroll to will be included in the printout.

Bookmarks or Favorites

You may use your browser's Bookmark or Favorites function to create a shortcut for returning to a major topic area that you refer to frequently.