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Writers Guides

Technical writing is a specialized and stylized form of communicating precise information that is particularly relevant to the EPM III BA1 contract. Almost every document produced in BA1 falls into the category of technical writing.

  • DS-61 Data Standard for Preparation of Engineering Documentation
  • DS-89 NSA Data Standard for the Preparation of SIGINT Technical Publications
  • SA/CSS Policy 8-14 Technical Data Management Process for Acquisition Programs This policy establishes the management principles and implementation procedures for identification, selection, acquisition and control of technical data and information for NSA/CSS acquisition programs.
  • NSA/CSS Policy Manual 1-1 - This policy consists of policies, policy statements, and manuals, all of which conform to specific formats and are generated by means of set procedures. This manual describes how to draft, coordinate, issue, and create such documents in accordance with NSA/CSS Policy 1-1. Also discussed are management directives, which are associated with the NSA/CSS Policy System.
  • DoD Directive 5230.24 establishes a number of procedural requirements intended to identify and control the dissemination of export-controlled technical documents created by DoD funded research, development, test and evaluation programs. These procedures apply to engineering drawings, standards, specifications, technical manuals, plans, instructions, computer software and documentation, and other technical information that can be used or be adapted for use to design, engineer, produce, manufacture, operate, repair, overhaul, or reproduce equipment or technology concerning such equipment.

Additionally, the basics of writing all apply - grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Two manuals provide extremely useful information in the basics. Click the link below to download and view the Writers Guides in PDF format.

PDF Air Force Handbook AFH 33-337 The Tongue and Quill
PDF U.S Government Printing Office Style Manual (2008)