Acquisition Support

Our capabilities include supporting the development, documentation, and implementation of acquisition strategies. We review and improve acquisition processes, and assist with business management services supporting acquisition programs.

Program Management Office Support

Our capabilities to assist Program Management Offices include advising and assisting Government Program managers in planning and executing programs in accordance with Government management principles and program management processes. We ensure the accuracy, completeness, and applicability of activities for program plans and documentation, program budgets, program schedules. We assist in tracking program status, planning and administering procurement and contract activities, analyzing program risks, and supporting program acquisition activities.

Financial Management Support

Our capabilities include advising and assisting in budget creation and financial management activities. We provide financial managhement support, maintain repositories of financial information, and report financial status.

Systems Engineering Support

Our capabilities include providing systems engineering processes and management, including requirements, specifications, definitions, design, system implementation, integration, and system metrics.

Collaboration Support

Our capabilities incllude facilitating collaboration among the Government participants. These include information sharing, and decision development and documentation. Methods include operating collaboration tools such as SharePoint, File, and Web servers; organizing and supporting Integrated Process Teams, Program Reviews, Status Briefings, and other documentation.